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Trees & Shrubs in the Arboretum

Champion Trees are shown with a yellow pin.

The arboretum is currently home to a collection of some 2,500 trees and shrubs providing colour and interest across the year.

We also have 104 Tree Register listed trees some of which have 'Champion Status' in England.

( The Tree Register is a national recording system set up by Owen Johnson who also produces 'Champion Trees - The Tree Register Handbook' produced by Kew Publishing.

Planting has continued over the years to both add diversity and maintain continuity.To achieve this we are developing an uneven age range of plants from young through to over mature including the retention and management of our two vteran oak trees Quercus sp. at the west end of the lake.

The other aim is to re-emphasise the avenues and glades as key fearures in the original plans for the arboretum.

A list of plants is available for reference by following the link on this web site.

To help achieve this range and diversity the arboretum has 86 plant families with 239 genera.

The curator is continuosly updating the labels to make them more visible and accessible to visitors.

The arboretum has attrations right through the year with rhododendrons and azaleas in spring including a collection near the entrance donated by Lord Ashbrook our President, these give a impressive first impression of the site.

we also get a range of green and gold foliage as the new shoots emerge and these are closely followed by our magnolias Including M.kobus and M.stellata and M.campbellii these are situated near the western end of the lake. Followin these there are Rhododendrons scattered through the southern side of the grounds.


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